List of Services as an IT Administrator

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Here are the major services I would be providing to your institution as IT Administrator.
Domain Registration Domain Registration
Setup of Registrant and Administrative Email on the registered
Web Hosting Shared Panel / VPS
Backup of the Web Portals
Email Setup
SSL Security Update on domains and subdomains
Custom Website as CMS Design and Development
Mobile App
Website Administration on a regular basis
WordPress App as BLOG
Moodle App as LMS
Google Workspace Saas (Subscription, Administration, Training)
G Chrome App
G Drive
G Docs
G Calendar
Microsoft 365 Saas ((Subscription, Administration, Training)
MS Teams App
MS Sharepoint
MS Word
Facebook Business Administration with Ad Campaigns
Facebook Page
Facebook Group
Facebook Events
Facebook Watch (Videos)
Facebook Album (Photos)
Facebook Inbox
IG Business Profile
WhatsApp Business Profile
Google Business Administration with Ad Campaigns
YouTube Channel
Google Search
Google Display
Google Analytics
Graphics / Creatives with Templates for FEED Post
Motion Graphics for Story