App Maker Would Be Made Generally Available As A Core Service

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I received an email from Google Cloud stating

In March 2018, we informed you that App Maker would be made generally available to G Suite Business, Enterprise, and Education customers as a core service. While we’re still working to ensure that App Maker meets the high standards required of a G Suite core service, we’re planning to launch it as an additional service on 2018-06-14, so more customers can take advantage of the product.

Key details:

For G Suite Business and Enterprise customers, as well as higher education G Suite for Education customers, App Maker will launch default ON, unless you’ve chosen to manually opt in to new services.
For K–12 G Suite for Education customers, App Maker will launch default OFF. You’ll need to enable it in the Admin console before your organization can begin using it.
App Maker will become an additional G Suite service for your domain, but it will offer 24×7 technical support and service-level commitments. It will be added to the list of additional G Suite services in the Admin console.
App Maker will be compliant with ISO (27001, 27017, 27018) and SOC (1, 2, 3).
App Maker comes with built-in support for Google Cloud SQL (GCP subscription required), but you can also bring your own database. The product supports many other managed database services connected via JDBC and REST APIs.
App Maker will offer accessibility features to meet the needs of all your users.
Next steps:

Starting on 2018-06-14, if you’re a K–12 G Suite for Education customer or you’ve chosen to manually enable new services in your domain, turn on App Maker in the Admin console.
Set up Google Cloud SQL for App Maker, or consult our documentation for other supported database services connected via JDBC and REST APIs.
Use our developer guide to get started with App Maker.
Stay tuned to the G Suite Updates blog for more information when App Maker launches. To learn more about App Maker, visit the App Maker website.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact G Suite support. When you call or submit your support case, reference issue number 80160912.


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