How to request a “G Suite for Education” CODE from your state homeschool organization

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Reference Site: HSLDA 

Previously, Google’s “G Suite for Education”—a collection of productivity and collaboration tools geared towards educational organizations—was only available to accredited schools.

But a number of homeschool co-ops wanted to offer this to their families and reached out to us for help. So HSLDA worked with Google to open up its G Suite for Education to homeschool organizations. Your co-op can now take advantage of the wealth of productivity tools offered in the Suite. . . . it’s voluntary, and best of all, it’s FREE!

Here’s what you need to know.

If you are a state or regional homeschool organization that wants to participate, please contact HSLDA to set up an account. You can email us at GroupServices@hslda.org or call us at 540-338-5600.

If you are a local homeschool co-op that wants access to Google’s G Suite for Education, please check the list below to find your state or regional homeschool organization. You will receive a verification code, which you can use to set up an account on G Suite’s website. Your co-op must have a website to use G Suite.

We’re happy to help your co-op’s productivity needs. . . . it’s just another way we’re making homeschooling possible.