Training list for educators in using Moodle LMS

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Here are the training checklist that an educator should know to effectively while using the Moodle LMS for their day to day activities;

  • Course Groups (Student Batch)
    • Update of the Participants with Enrollment Finish Dates
    • Update of Participants Status in the enrolled course (Unit) 
  • Assignment (Theory Assessment)) Marking
    • Scale Grading the Assignment activities with Feedbacks
    • Allowing the Manual ATTEMPTS in Assignments
    • Grant Extension of Due Dates in Assignments 
    • Use of User Override on individual students
    • Use of Group Overrider on the entire batch  
  • Quiz (Online Learning Activities) Marking
    • Allowing the Manual ATTEMPTS 
    • Value Grading the Quizzes
  • Forum Post
    • Announcement of Due Dates based on Respective Group (Batch)
    • Activities Post and Reply on Graded Forums
  • Grade Report
    • Generate the Assessment Due to Mark Report
    • Generate the Assessment Report
    • Generate the Course (Unit) Progress Report)