Week 1: Getting Started with Moodle (5 – 11 October)

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Reference Site: Learn Moodle 3.9 Basics

  • You will experience Moodle as a student in our Learn Moodle Basics course and you will be given your own course to practise in as a teacher. 
  • Make sure you have read the Course FAQ and set your regional timezone so you see times in the correct time for you.
  •  The boxes you see next to items on the course page display ticks when the activity is completed. The solid border manual completion means you must click to say you have completed the task. The dotted line border automatic completion means a task will be automatically marked complete once you have met the completion criteria. Ticks will appear in each box type when you have done the task. (The borders themselves do not change.)
  • Look for the activity’s completion info: saying what you must do to complete it. You must complete all activities if you want the completer badge and the final certificate.
  •  There is a peer-assessment task (called a workshop) starting in Week 2 with tasks in Weeks 3 and 4. Please ensure you can meet the deadlines as late submissions are not allowed, and you must do this task to complete the course. The workshop will not be marked complete until the end of the course.)